Vincent Sider

Vincent Sider

Co-Founder, AI Academy for Marketers

With over 20 years of experience as a digital strategist and marketing practitioner, Vincent Sider has helped organizations define and build their digital strategies and enhance their digital marketing. He has worked globally with some of the world's leading organizations, developing world-class data-driven marketing as Head of Strategy for British Telecom, Vice President for social media at the BBC, Head of, and Strategic Adviser to the Royal Foundation.

He is an award-winning lecturer and an alumnus of Mines ParisTech and lead course director on AI for the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Vincent now specializes in training employees and assisting organizations with their AI transformation and growth. His ambition is to deliver learning programs and marketing services focused on the business world's most cutting-edge skills and needs.

Vincent Sider recently launched, along with Sherpa Society, AI Academy for Marketers, a 6-month online AI course that is designed to demystify the world of AI for marketers and empower them with the knowledge and technical skills needed to thrive professionally.

Presentation Title:
"Precision and Safety in Prompt Engineering"

As we enter an era where AI and AI agents will become central to business, understanding how to effectively communicate with large language models (LLMs) is crucial. This presentation delves into the art of prompt engineering, offering essential strategies and common pitfalls to avoid. Learn the do's and don'ts that will maximize the effectiveness of LLM interactions and discover why mastering prompt engineering is not just beneficial but necessary for anyone looking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI.

Join Vincent Sider to explore how refining your prompting skills can lead to more precise, efficient, and creative outcomes in the future of AI.