Jordache Johnson

Jordache Johnson

Founder, & CEO,

Jordache is a leading tech strategist renowned for integrating generative AI and emerging technologies into businesses, their strategies, and their workflows. As the CEO of Tomorrow Today Consulting and the creative mind behind the Never Tech Behind™ community, soon-to-launch newsletter and podcast, Jordache specializes in turning complex technological challenges into substantial growth opportunities for industry leaders worldwide.
Known for demystifying advanced technology, Jordache empowers business leaders, marketers, and entrepreneurs to excel in a business landscape dominated by emerging technologies. His strategic insights and practical frameworks have enabled numerous organizations to not only enhance their operational workflows but also unlock innovative ways to add value to their businesses.

Join Jordache’s talk to discover how AI can revolutionize your business practices and ensure you remain at the forefront of industry innovation. His guidance is crucial for anyone prepared to navigate the complexities of tomorrow’s tech-centric business challenges and opportunities.

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Smart Tools, Smarter Business: 15 AI Tools to Optimize Your Marketing Workflows from Ideation, to Creation, and Operations

 In the digital age, businesses are inundated with tools promising to streamline operations, enhance creativity, and boost productivity. Yet, the true key to digital transformation lies not in the accumulation of tools but in strategically integrating the right AI solutions to revolutionize workflows. Join Jordache, an experienced entrepreneur, tech strategist and AI consultant, as he explores essential AI tools across three critical categories—Ideation, Creation, and Operations—that can reshape the way your business creates, operates, and scales.

This talk will guide you through the practicalities of selecting and effectively using AI tools that go beyond the basics of today’s popular tools like ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini, Midjourney, or Dall-E. For each category of tools, Jordache will address three crucial questions: What is each tool? Why is each one valuable to you as a business leader? How can you start using it in your workflow? This approach will not only clarify the role of these tools but also highlight their strategic value, making it perfect for business leaders ready to make informed decisions about integrating AI into their workflows.