A.I. in Marketing Conference 2024


How I learned to stop worrying and love the Machine

“AI took my Job! – to the Next Level”

Sibbe Silven, Head Of AI And Technical Chief, Bright Mind Agency
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“Ready or not, here AI come”

Nicole Mezzasalma, Senior Consultant, Innovation, Battenhall
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“Smart Tools, Smarter Business: 15 AI Tools to Optimize Your Marketing Workflows from Ideation, to Creation, and Operations”

Jordache Johnson, Founder, NeverTechBehind.Com & CEO, TomorrowToday.Ai
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“AI – Driven Marketing: The Legal Maze”

Penny Kontogeorgou, Lawyer, TMT/ICT, eCommerce & Digital Transformation Law Expert, Partner at Zoulovits – Kontogeorgou (ZK Law Firm)
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“A day in the life of a Marketer (in the AI era)”

Giorgio Tsoupis, Global Business Development Manager, Noventiq, Consultant for Strategic Alliances & Digital Sales Strategy
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“AI in creative: From ideation to creation”

Efi Gatsiou, Omnichannel Marketing Manager, Public Group
Evi Panagiotou, Creative Manager, Public Group

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